Business Furniture Services, Inc.
Memphis, Tennessee - Little Rock, Arkansas
  Our refurbishing operation performs all aspects of renewing systems furniture.  Cutting, welding, painting, and fabric replacement are all handled in house, assuring quality control, reducing our cost, and enabling us to pass the savings on to our clients.

  We can replace your existing fabric with new, modern fabrics including "Green" fabrics made from recycled materials.  Whether you choose one of our stock materials or choose a custom fabric, You'll get the office decor you want and be amazed at the savings.

  We can refinish your accessories such as pedestals, files, and frames in any color scheme you can imagine.  Our durable, environmentally friendly coatings can brighten your color scheme and give your office a one of a kind appearance.

  Our custom shop can also offer you different shapes and colors for your worksuraces that will enhance their comfort and appearance.

Refurbishing can help save your budget and the environment!